To celebrate the 15th anniversary of his Californian restaurant Manresa, Chef David Kinch is joining Chef Lanshu Chen in Taiwan , for an exceptional food and wine pairing menu. Both chefs share a common passion for French Cuisine and Art de Vivre.

Leading chef in contemporary Californian cuisine, David Kinch, Executive Chef and Owner of Manresa, a 3- Michelin starred restaurant in Los Gatos , is deeply attached to France, where he worked for part of his apprenticeship. ”Even as a young cook, I was already attracted to France due to its culture and gastronomy, its art of living and the importance placed in the pleasures of fine dining. I greatly admire the French art of living, which as a chef has helped me realize the importance of transmitting this spirit, this “joie de vivre” to our guests.”

Le Moût is a highlight of Taiwan’s gastronomic scene. Situated in the heart of bustling Taichung, the restaurant has garnered international praise since launching. Young emblematic Chef Lanshu Chen takes simple ingredients and transforms them into sophisticated, unexpected dishes. Presented in an exquisite French and elegant manner, the flavours are inspired by local produce and memory of the land; it is her “cuisine de terroir”.

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Lanshu Chen (Le Moût Restaurant)
David Kinch (Manresa)

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Dress Code: Smart casual