Expérience unique
Our Event includes:
- Friday - Exclusive cooking demonstration in the kitchen and informal meet and greet with Chef Jess Shadbolt and Chef Nathan Rich.
- Wine Tasting with Kristin Tice and our own team of sommeliers.
- Saturday - Welcome cocktails and canapés at 6 p.m. alongside Chef Shadbolt, Kristin Tice, and Chef Nathan Rich.
- Saturday - Collaborative multi-course dinner at 7:30 p.m. hosted by Chef Shadbolt, Kristin Tice, and the amazing Twin Farms culinary and wine teams.
- Sunday Champagne Brunch.
- Chef’s Twin Farms Aprons for each guest.


Chef Jess Shadbolt from King in Brooklyn, Kristen Tice of Rosé Project and our Twin Farms culinary and wine teams all get together to help create an especially lovely weekend. Wine tastings, intimate cooking demonstrations and receptions: all culminate in a truly wonderful collaborative dinner on Saturday evening. Then, before you return to reality, join us for just one more treat – a champagne brunch to complete your weekend.

Chef hôte

Chefs invités

Nathan Rich (Twin Farms)
Jess Shadbolt