Since May 2003 Pere Planagumà has been the manager and head chef of the Restaurant Les Cols d’Olot, located in a Catalan farmhouse in Spain. His cooking conveys much with few elements. When creating the dishes, he likes to remove everything that he considers is not essential, while not losing the essential poetry. He strives to offer the most intimate and familiar but with an up-to-date language. He emphasises on the most modest products; the nature and the landscape are his source of inspiration, he likes to adapt the products of the land and her environment and give them a different meaning; the presentation of his dishes plays with the emptiness of the dish: the tradition/avant-garde contrast. Chef Pere is a professor of cuisine and cooking at Girona and Harvard universities, a Ferran Adria teacher of Gastronomic Culture and Food Studies, and a published co-author of the book New Catalan Cuisine.