Unique experience
"In celebration of World Ocean’s Day, North Island invites guests to join them in the Piazza for an ‘Exquisite Fish’ dinner, a special four-course menu that pays tribute to the ocean for the week of 4 – 10 June 2018. The Island will also be launching an immersive private cooking experience with the Chef, where guests can barbeque a whole fish on the beach in a family-style Creole menu infused with authentic, local flavours. All fish on their menus are sustainably caught by the chefs, straight from North Island’s waters. Guests can also catch their own!
In addition, every day of the week North Island will be inviting guests to join unique activities centred around the appreciation of the Island’s precious environment, from diving with resident Environmentalists and collecting data on key fish species to yoga classes on the beach and beach movie nights under the stars. North Island will be raising awareness of the Island’s marine conservation initiatives and offering ways to get involved. Guests can leave feeling enriched and connected to the ocean."


This June 2018, Relais & Châteaux will celebrate UN-recognized World Oceans Day in partnership with Ethic Ocean.

The ocean is our universal larder, and its fragile balance is being gradually destroyed by industrial “plundering” of the seas: 31% of the planet’s seafood stock is overfished and 58% is fully fished (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, 2016).

Industrial fishing also leads to employment problems for artisanal fishermen.
But by promoting ethical fishing methods, contributing to local economic development and offering seasonal menus, Relais & Châteaux aims to protect our oceans’ biodiversity and provide quality products for its guests and future generations. To contribute to a better world through food and hospitality means Relais & Châteaux chefs are making a firm commitment to fish species protection.

Please join us in celebrating the quality and taste of sustainable seafood!

Other useful information

All fish on North Island’s World Oceans Day menus are sustainably caught, straight from North Island’s waters. Guest can also go fishing to catch their own. North Island adheres to a strict fishing policy that goes beyond National Laws in keeping with the philosophy of sustainable use of precious natural marine resources. North Island’s fishing policy outlines permitted species, catch limits, minimum sizes and mass as well as protected species and catch-and-release regulations. North Island pledges to choose the largest fish in their catch and will use the whole fish in both menus, from head to tail.