Over 200 Relais & Châteux chefs in 44 countries will celebrate marine biodiversity in honour of UN-recognized World Oceans Day. A symphony of the sea’s biodiversity, the theme of Fish Unknown will hero lesser-known species on menus, cooking classes, fishing trips, conferences, and more. As an association of chefs striving to source to sustainable seafood year-round, this is a specific moment where Relais & Châteaux aims to heighten the public’s awareness of species that are abundant and underutilized when wild or sustainably farmed when from aquaculture – as well as delicious. Fish Unknown: Diversify Your Plate.

Other useful information

June 8th is officially recognized as World Oceans Day, but Relais & Châteaux properties may be celebrating any day in June. For more information about what Hotel Neri is doing, please contact the property directly.