This June 2018, Relais & Châteaux will celebrate UN-recognized World Oceans Day in partnership with Ethic Ocean.

The ocean is our universal larder, and its fragile balance is being gradually destroyed by industrial “plundering” of the seas: 31% of the planet’s seafood stock is overfished and 58% is fully fished (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, 2016).

Industrial fishing also leads to employment problems for artisanal fishermen.
But by promoting ethical fishing methods, contributing to local economic development and offering seasonal menus, Relais & Châteaux aims to protect our oceans’ biodiversity and provide quality products for its guests and future generations. To contribute to a better world through food and hospitality means Relais & Châteaux chefs are making a firm commitment to fish species protection.

Please join us in celebrating the quality and taste of sustainable seafood!

Otras informaciones útiles

The fish proposed is a local fish called "CALCAN" and lives only in the Black Sea - it is similar to turbot. The fish is caught by a local fisherman from the Black Sea by the name of Cristian Solotchin.