Following the OMS guidelines that 45% of our health and wellbeing is directly related to good diet and healthy lifestyle - we offer our Wellness and Mindfulness Weekend to help improve our habits. In two workshops Dr. Pilar Luna, a specialist in nutrition, will provide us with guide lines for a balanced diet, dispelling many popularly held erroneous ideas and myths, and show us ways to face the challenges of autumn and winter with renewed physical and mental energy. The theoretical sessions will be complemented by physical exercise and other techniques: Qigong (Chi kung) for a long and healthy life, Mindfulness to help manage the stresses of daily life with a positive attitude. Dr. Luna has worked closely with our chef, Rubén Catalan, to prepare some “deliciously healthy” and balanced menus which will be available together with our a la carte menu. Full documentation of the course content will be available to participants including recipes for the “Deliciously Healthy” dishes of the special menus. Full programme: