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Diners can expect well over 50 Indigenous ingredients from the land, coast and waters of Australia. We’re talking seeds, fruits, nuts, trees, shoots, shellfish, honey, ants, seafood - all the flavours and textures that represent this beautiful country we live in.

The Orana in Residence will donate 10% of profits to Jock Zonfrillo’s not-for-profit, The Orana
Foundation, which fosters the preservation of indigenous food culture.


This August, chef and owner of Restaurant Orana, Jock Zonfrillo, will bring his award-winning Adelaide restaurant to Sydney.

Zonfrillo says: “Bringing Orana to Sydney will help give Indigenous foods and culture more awareness and recognition, and shift the mindset around the acknowledgement of just how special the oldest surviving culture in the world is, which is right here on our doorstep.

We are surrounded by delicious Indigenous ingredients that don’t require irrigation, that are organically and naturally grown on country, and that the First Australians have eaten for over 60,000 years. The question has always been: Why aren’t these foods more widely consumed? I don’t have all the answers but for the past few years we’ve been thinking and working with Elders on country to give their culture a voice through food. The Orana Foundation is working towards commercialisation that acknowledges Indigenous Australians and benefits their communities directly. By eating at Orana in Residence, you’re part of the solution, part of the conversation, and part of the funding to continue to work this out.”

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Orana in Residence will run for one month from 16 August until 15 September and will serve lunch Thursday to Sunday and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

The 22 course food menu costs $350 per person (plus 1.75% CC fee) and is payable at the time of booking. The beverage program at Orana in Residence will include a standard wine pairing, a premium wine pairing, an extensive wine list, and a non-alcoholic pairing which can be purchased on the day of dining.

For bookings at Orana in Residence please follow this link

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Zonfrillo and his team are designing a menu exclusive to the Sydney residency incorporating produce from Indigenous communities across Australia. Most Indigenous communities have six or more seasons which gives a short window for Zonfrillo to produce a menu with in-season produce at its peak.